ST. LOUIS–(Dec 21, 2021)–CoreLink, LLC, a leading designer and manufacturer of spinal implant systems, recently shared highlights resulting from continued investments in both technology and resources. Over the past year the company has released CentraFix, their most innovative fixation system to date, launched one of only a few additively manufactured corpectomy devices that can be used throughout the entire spine, introduced ReStrux and DMB Flowable, and expanded manufacturing capabilities.

“Innovation has not been stifled, despite the challenges of this year,” said Jay Bartling, CEO, CoreLink. “Our team is cultivating one-of-a-kind solutions for surgeons that can increase visibility, reduce surgical steps, and emulate natural bone in a truly unique way.”

CentraFix Midline Fixation System

This month, CoreLink announced the limited launch and 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the CoreLink CentraFix™ Midline Fixation System. CentraFix is a posterior thoracolumbar pedicle screw system designed for less invasive spinal fixation, often used with a medial-to-lateral approach known as cortical bone trajectory (CBT). The system features modular cobalt chrome tulip heads allowing for intraoperative flexibility and increased visualization in smaller incisions.

“The CentraFix System provides unmatched intraoperative visualization and surgical flexibility for posterior fixation,” said Jay Bartling, CEO of CoreLink. “Our in-house development and manufacturing have allowed us to produce our most innovative fixation system to date – and we have more exciting things to come for 2022.”

F3D Corpectomy VBR System

Earlier this year, the F3D Corpectomy VBR System was released. The system is comprised of an additively manufactured, single-piece construct in a range of footprint, height, and lordosis options to fit varying patient anatomies. Patented 3D printed Mimetic Metal® technology is incorporated into the device to emulate key characteristics of natural bone. The F3D Corpectomy implants are designed with porous endplates and a trabecular structure lining the interior of the device, which may allow for direct bony attachment and bone formation throughout the device.

“This latest addition to our F3D portfolio provides a better solution for surgeons that perform these difficult corpectomy and vertebrectomy procedures. This is one of only a few additively manufactured corpectomy devices that can be used throughout the entire spine, and we believe the only VBR device on the market that can be used with demineralized bone matrix,” said Jay Bartling, CEO of CoreLink.

Mimetic Metal Expansion

CoreLink 3D printed offerings also expanded with new cervical and posterior lumbar interbodies. F3D Cervical 0 degree and F3D Straight 12 degree implants have been added to the broad range of interbody options to allow increased sagittal correction.

The M3 Stand-alone ALIF System was also enhanced this year with Drill/Tap/Screw (DTS) Guide Kits. The DTS Guides securely attach to the M3 cages and provide a reproducible trajectory. M3 features a versatile, diverging 3-screw construct that incorporates Mimetic Metal technology.

ReStrux CBM and DBM Flowable

ReStrux is a growth factor enriched cellular bone matrix (CBM) with bone-derived progenitor cells, cancellous bone, and enhanced cortical bone fibers that have undergone a demineralization process.

“ReStrux is a unique CBM with viable and active cells, including osteoprogenitor cells and MSCs. The validated processing attaches proteins to the bone matrix, increasing a full spectrum of growth factors up to 173%. The product is supplied in a syringe package with no decanting required for surgical efficiency. This improved technology is truly a game-changer,” said Adam MacMillan, VP Engineering & Marketing, CoreLink.

DBM Flowable, a 100% demineralized bone matrix with osteoinductive potential, osteoconductive properties, and excellent handling is now available. This DBM retains shape and resists irrigation and migration. It is stored at room temperature and ready for immediate use.

Training Programs

With each new major product introduction, CoreLink offers a corresponding training program. Exclusive, safe, and personalized training is presented in their in-house surgical training suite. The development of virtual demonstrations and labs, tutorial videos, and content in the CoreLink App are also available when in-person meetings are not an option.

The CoreLink team looks forward to another great year!

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