CoreLink is committed to compliance with laws, regulations and policies, and to promoting an ethical culture throughout the organization. CoreLink requires all team members to ask questions and, when necessary, report questionable behavior and information concerning suspected, planned, or actual violations without fear of discrimination or retaliation. CoreLink Personnel who wish to ask a question or report an activity, in good faith, that may not comply with applicable Laws, the Code of Conduct, or any CoreLink policy or procedure may do so by any of the following methods:

  • If a CoreLink employee, speak with your supervisor or any member of management
  • Call the CoreLink Compliance Officer at (888) 349-7808 (US toll free) or (314) 899-9370 (Outside of US)
  • E-mail the CoreLink Compliance Officer at
  • Call CoreLink’s anonymous reporting hotline at (877) 778-5463 (Username: CoreLink / Password: ethics)
  • Use the anonymous reporting website at (Username: CoreLink / Password: ethics)

Reporting unethical behavior is the duty of all CoreLink personnel. Every effort will be made to protect the confidentiality of any employee who makes a report or requests guidance on a perceived ethical issue.

While an employee who knowingly makes a false report with the intention of harming another individual may be subject to disciplinary action, CoreLink has a firm “No Retaliation Policy” for any reports made in good faith with regard to actual or perceived legal, policy, or ethical violations. CoreLink will not take disciplinary action against any reporter who, acting in good faith, raises any concerns about such violations.

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