Tiger® Pedicle Screw System

The Tiger Spine fixation system offers a comprehensive variety of implant and instrument options to build constructs from ilium to occiput.

Product Features

  • Constant helix angle thread for maximized pullout resistance
  • Polyaxial, monoaxial, uniplanar, fracture, & reduction screws
  • 4 methods of rod reduction
  • 60° cone of screw angulation
  • Lateral & inline rod connectors
  • Side-to-side, end-to-end, and wedding band connectors
  • Straight and pre-lordosed, titanium and cobalt chrome rods with hex or rounded ends and etched lines for rotational reference

Product Specs

  • Screw diameters: 4.5mm – 10.5mm
  • Screw lengths: 25mm – 120mm
  • Rods: 35mm – 500mm
  • Lateral connectors: neutral, 75°, & 105°

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