Tiger® Deformity Pedicle Screw System

Tiger Deformity provides an extensive breadth of screw, hook, rod, and connector options to address complex spinal conditions and procedures.

Product Features

  • Multiple rod reduction options (up to 35mm)
  • Polyaxial, monoaxial, uniplanar, fracture, and reduction screws
  • Cobalt chrome and titanium rods
  • Straight, pre-lordosed, transition, and deformity rods
  • Rod-to-rod connectors to accommodate 3.5mm, 5.5mm, and 6.35mm rod diameters
  • French, in situ, and coronal rod benders

Product Specs

  • Screw diameters: 4.5mm – 8.5mm
  • Screw lengths: 25mm – 120mm

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