Tiger® Occipital Cervical Thoracic System

Tiger Occipital Cervical Thoracic provides a full complement of instrument and implant options that seamlessly integrate from occiput to thoracic spine and tie into Tiger Posterior Lumbar System.

Product Features

  • Up to 45° of angulation
  • Occipital plate with rotational and translational rod connections and five points of bone fixation
  • Full range of cervical hooks
  • Polyaxial, biased angle, and longshank (20mm–40mm) screws
  • Head-to-head, rod-to-rod, end-to-end, & side-to-side connectors
  • Open, closed, and top loading lateral connectors

Product Specs

  • Polyaxial screw diameters: 3.5mm, 4.0mm, & 4.5mm
  • Polyaxial screw lengths: 10mm-26mm
  • Three occipital plate sizes:
  • Occipital screw diameters: 4.0mm & 5.0mm
  • Rods: straight & pre-lordosed; titanium & cobalt chrome

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