F3D-C2 Stand-Alone Cervical System With Fusation™ Anchor Technology

The F3D-C2 Stand-alone Cervical System is an interbody fusion system comprised of a spacer with two screws and/or Fusation anchors.

Product Features

  • Anchors designed to facilitate easier fixation and minimization of the surgical corridor to reduce soft tissue retraction and disruption
  • Features Mimetic Metal® 3D printing technology
  • Zero-step anti-back-out locking tab
  • Versatile instrumentation allows for device placement using freehand or guided techniques

Product Specs

  • Footprints: 14.5mm x 12mm, 16.5mm x 14mm, and 18mm x 16mm
  • Lordosis: 7° and 13°
  • Anterior Heights: 6mm – 12mm (1mm increments)

Note: When used with one or more Fusation anchors, the F3D-C2 Cervical Stand-alone System is intended for use at one level and requires additional supplemental fixation such as posterior cervical screw fixation.

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