Terrace® Anterior Cervical Plate System

Terrace provides an efficient and user-friendly, low-profile solution for anterior cervical plating that incorporates an automatic locking mechanism to prevent screw backout and enhance operating room efficiency.

Product Features

  • CoreLink’s lowest profile plate (2.2mm)
  • Zero-step locking mechanism
  • Variable screws provide a 36° range of sagittal angulation
  • Simple, secure, and adjustable temporary plate fixation*

*when using the patent pending fixation with the SureSize interbody

Product Specs

  • 1-5 Level Plate Availability
    (10mm – 110mm in 1mm & 2mm increments)
  • Screw Lengths: 12mm – 20mm
  • Screw Diameters: 4.0mm & 4.5mm
  • Self-drilling & Self-tapping Screws
  • Fixed & Variable Screws

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