Tiger® MIS X-Tab Pedicle Screw System

The Tiger MIS X-Tab System is a percutaneous solution designed to minimize operative steps, reduce patient exposure, and provide a wide variety of instrumentation options that allow surgeons to individualize each procedure.

Product Features

  • Fully machined extended tabs optimized for reliability
  • Ultra slim 130mm long towers provide 25mm of integrated reduction
  • Facilitates mini-open and percutaneous approaches
  • Integrates seamlessly with the standard tower-based Tiger MIS system

Product Specs


  • 5.5mm diameter: 35mm – 55mm (5mm increments)
  • 6.5mm diameter: 40mm – 55mm (5mm increments)
  • 7.5mm diameter: 40mm – 55mm (5mm increments)
  • 8.5mm diameter: 45mm – 55mm (5mm increments)


  • 5.5mm diameter
  • Pre-lordosed Rods: 35mm – 95mm (5mm increments)
  • Straight Rods: 150mm, 200mm

*Additional sizes available upon request

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