Siber® Ti SI Joint Fusion

The Siber Ti Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System was designed to provide joint compression that the surgeon can feel. Siber Ti has surgical versatility for use in oblique and lateral implantation approaches.

Product Features

  • 3D printed and fully porous
  • Patented Mimetic Metal® technology creates textures at the macro, micro, and nano (MNM) levels*
  • Compression and non-compression styles available
  • Deep threads provide tactile feel and strong purchase
  • Dual-lead thread for ease of placement
  • Self-drilling tip creates easier purchase into cortical bone
  • Only 3D printed washer on the market system

Product Specs


  • Helical and self-harvesting threads with fenestrated design
  • Joint compression from significantly varied thread pitch
  • Diameters: 9.5mm, 11.5mm, 14.5mm
  • Lengths: 30mm-110mm (5mm increments)**


  • 5.5mm diameter
  • 3D-printed washers complement 9.5mm, 11.5mm, and 14.5mm screws
  • Optional washer available for 7.0mm implant


If you are interested in learning more about Siber TI, please click here.

*Data on file, pre-clinical data may not be representative of clinical results.

**Lengths 75mm-110mm are Special Order.

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