ST. LOUIS–(December 10)–CoreLink, LLC, a leading designer and manufacturer of spinal implant systems, recently shared highlights resulting from substantial investments that continue to be made in the company in both technology and resources.

In the past year, the company has expanded its footprint in a new state-of-the-art facility, launched 7 new commercial products, and hired new leadership positions in operations, sales, and marketing. “Our significant growth is the result of our unmatched specialization in spinal instruments and implants, complete vertical integration, and a top-notch training facility,” said Jay Bartling, CEO, CoreLink.

“Our strong leadership team is driving us into our next era of innovation. Our new products have energized surgeons as they are all receptive to our technology, responsiveness, and the true partnership that we bring.” – Jay Bartling, CEO, CoreLink

The company recently introduced the SIber™ Posterior SI Allograft System designed for fusion of the SI joint at the bottom of long spinal constructs. The posterior SI fusion approach allows surgeons to directly visualize the joint, avoid nerves exiting from the sacral foramina, and disrupt less musculature located on the lateral sides of the pelvis.

The company also introduced the Oro™ Lateral Plate System designed for optimum versatility to treat patients suffering from degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma, or spinal deformities. The CoreLink Oro Lateral Plate System has received a unique FDA clearance as the only lateral plating system on the market with the flexibility to be used as supplemental fixation in multiple scenarios, including optional permanent connection to a CoreLink F3D Lateral or CL5 Lateral interbody device.

Earlier this year, CoreLink announced the full commercial launch of its new Lateral Access System as well as the first of several implant systems for lateral fusion – the F3D and CL5 Lateral interbody fusion devices. CoreLink F3D implants leverage the company’s proprietary Mimetic Metal® technology, an additively manufactured design that emulates key structural characteristics of bone. With a trabecular structure of interconnected pores and a directional lattice perimeter for anisotropic load sharing, Mimetic Metal provides an optimal balance between biomechanical performance and imaging characteristics. The CL5 PEEK interbody offerings provide a full range of devices for lumbar applications with an elegant and ergonomic instrument set.

CoreLink initiated this year’s product innovations with the M3 Stand-Alone ALIF System, a stand-alone interbody fusion system indicated for use in skeletally mature patients with degenerative disc disease. Hyperlordotic options are now available, with lordosis including 8°, 15°, 20°, and 25°, with an additional 30° option to be available soon. The footprint size is also expanding to include 30mm x 45mm in addition to 25mm x 35mm and 27mm x 40mm. M3 features a versatile, diverging 3-screw construct that incorporates the benefits of Mimetic Metal technology.

These new products come on the heels of their acquisition of Expanding Orthopedics and the launch of the FLXfit®15. FLXfit15 is an articulating, expandable posterior lumbar fusion device designed to maximize lordosis correction by offering up to 15° of controlled in-situ expansion for sagittal balance restoration. Jay Bartling, CEO, stated “Combining our ability to make high quality instruments with our continued investment into the expandable interbody space allows us to create top-notch interbody technology.”

With each new major product introduction, CoreLink offers a corresponding training program. The company has an in-house surgical training suite that features multiple full-size training stations with operating tables, C-arm, and the CoreLink portfolio of surgical instruments and implants. Training can be conducted at any time throughout the year for a deeper dive on both products and procedures. CoreLink regularly hosts surgeons and provides both personalized one-on-one and group training opportunities along with product discussions and tours of its manufacturing facility.

CoreLink designs and manufactures more than 99 percent of its products in-house. The company expanded to a new 70,000 square foot facility last year. It includes two titanium 3D printers (Mimetic Metal), mills, and swiss lathes to create additional titanium and PEEK devices, and equipment to rapidly prototype and biomechanically test on site.

CoreLink will be exhibiting at the Selby Spine Conference in Park City, Utah January 29 – February 1, where a full display of surgical systems will be featured.

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