ST. LOUIS–(January 13)–CoreLink, LLC, a leading designer and manufacturer of spinal implant systems, today announced their inclusion in a SPINEMarketGroup listing of the top 10 sacroiliac joint fusion companies to know. The CoreLink Entasis® SI Joint Fusion System was rated based on criteria including approach, implant architecture/material, bone graft delivery, and insertion.

Entasis offers many benefits to fuse the SI joint laterally and the following features were highlighted by the SPINEMarketGroup:

– Featuring circumferential helical graft windows, Entasis is the only SI joint fusion device that self-harvests bone graft while simultaneously compressing the joint, which, according to Wolff’s law, may help aid the fusion process1.

– Entasis supports a percutaneous or open lateral approach, and utilizes a more rigid guide wire to ease device placement. Entasis implants feature self-drilling/self-tapping tips and dual-lead threads allowing easier initial purchase, limited placement trauma as opposed to current market leaders, and faster implantation.

The system offers three diameters and nine length options, more than any other SI product on the market, enabling the surgeon to better match the device to varying patient anatomies.

– In the event of misplacement, the implant also features an easy-out interface and matching tools to quickly explant.

“We’re pleased to be acknowledged by the SPINEMarketGroup for our innovative SI product and the benefits it brings to surgeons and their patients,” said Adam MacMillan, Vice President of Marketing, CoreLink. “Our world-class instruments and simple, yet effective, implant design, combined with routine personalized training at our on-site bioskills lab, is driving awareness of the advantages of minimally invasive SI fusions.”

CoreLink also recently introduced the SIber™ Posterior SI Allograft System. The system allows surgeons to directly visualize the joint posteriorly and features one simple tray of instruments to easily manage in the operating room.

CoreLink will be exhibiting at the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery (ISASS) Annual Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico February 26 – 28, where a full display of surgical systems will be featured.

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