F3D-C2 Stand-Alone Cervical System

The F3D-C2 Stand-alone Cervical System is an interbody fusion system comprised of a spacer with two integrated bone screws secured by a locking mechanism within the cage.

Product Features

  • Streamlined construct features biomechanical benefits of Mimetic Metal® 3D printing technology
  • Screws anchor through zero-step anti-back-out locking tab
  • Versatile instrumentation allows for device placement using freehand or guided techniques

CoreLink Technology

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Product Specs

  • Footprints:
    14.5mm x 12mm
    16.5mm x 14mm
  • Lordosis: 7 and 13* degrees
  • Anterior Heights: 6mm – 12mm (1mm increments)
  • Screw Lengths: 12mm – 18mm (2mm increments)
  • Screw Diameters: 3.5mm & 4.0mm
  • Self-drilling-self-tapping Screws
  • Fixed & Variable** Angle Screws

*Special Order. Additional sizes and lordosis options may be available upon request
**Variable screws in 3.5mm only

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