ST. LOUIS–(December 22, 2020)–CoreLink, LLC, a leading designer and manufacturer of spinal implant systems, recently shared highlights resulting from continued investments in the company in both technology and resources.

Over the past year, the company has launched three new implant and instrument systems, enhanced legacy products, expanded manufacturing capabilities, and hired new leadership positions in sales.

“Despite the impact that COVID-19 has had on spine procedures this year, we have continued investing in new product development. We are committed to growing with our surgeon and distributor partners,” said Jay Bartling, CEO, CoreLink.

“Despite the impact that COVID-19 has had on spine procedures this year, we have continued investing in new product development. We are committed to growing with our surgeon and distributor partners.”

The company recently released a first-of-its-kind Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OLIF) Instrument Set. The OLIF technique is a less invasive anterior-lateral approach to the lower lumbar spine, which can allow for faster recovery time and minimized psoas disruption. The set features patent-pending 3D printed trials to allow for rapid interbody sizing via integrated height and length measurements.

“The addition of OLIF instrumentation bolsters our minimally invasive spine surgery options and builds on our robust lateral access, fusion, and stabilization platforms. We’ve taken the approach a step further with 3D printed surgical steel instrumentation, our latest foray into additive manufacturing technology. This allows us to build light-weight instruments with features that would not be possible using traditional subtractive methods,” said Jay Bartling, CEO of CoreLink.

CoreLink 3D printed offerings also expanded with new lordotic posterior lumbar interbodies. CoreLink added a 7 degree F3D Straight implant option to their full range of PLIF, TLIF, and Oblique interbody and instrument solutions. The 7 degree option can provide increased sagittal correction with the many biocompatible benefits of Mimetic Metal® technology.

The company introduced the F3D-C2 Stand-alone Cervical System, comprised of an additively manufactured spacer with two bone screw anchors secured by a locking mechanism printed within the cage. Patented and proven 3D printed Mimetic Metal technology is incorporated into the spacer to emulate key characteristics of natural bone. Comprehensive instrumentation allows the device to be placed using freehand or guided techniques and modular guides facilitate working under a microscope.

Earlier this year, CoreLink announced the full commercial launch of the Tiger® MIS X-Tab Pedicle Screw System. This percutaneous solution expands the Tiger platform and is designed for correction of the thoracolumbar spine. The Tiger MIS X-Tab System integrates seamlessly with the standard tower-based Tiger MIS System with polyaxial, extended tab pedicle screws in various lengths and diameters. This allows for full cross-compatibility for mini-open and percutaneous approaches as well as the creation of longer hybrid constructs. The Tiger MIS System was also updated  with new instruments, including updated rod measurement and insertion options and the addition of rescue instruments.

The M3 Stand-alone ALIF System was enhanced this year with streamlined disc preparation, a variety of drill/tap/screw options, compact angled instrumentation for difficult ALIF access angles, and additional footprint and lordotic options. Hyperlordotic implants are now available up to 30 degrees, tall implants are up to 21mm in height, and a 30mm x 45mm footprint option was fully launched, the largest ALIF on the market. M3 features a versatile, diverging 3-screw construct that incorporates Mimetic Metal technology.

With each new major product introduction, CoreLink offers a corresponding training program. Exclusive, safe, and distanced training is offered in their in-house surgical training suite. The expansion of virtual demonstrations and labs, tutorial videos, and content in the CoreLink App have extended their reach when in-person meetings are not an option.

To support new product development and a continued focus on customer relationships, CoreLink strengthened their sales management team with four new Regional Vice Presidents of Sales. This growth in talent will be valuable with several product launches expected in 2021 in addition to the current comprehensive lineup of spinal implant systems.

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